Boise Muffler Full Service Auto RepairsFull Service Auto Repair Boise, Idaho

It's hard not to feel panicked when the check engine light turns on. Knowing that you must take your vehicle in causes problems with your routine and can interfere with your work. Rest assured the mechanics at Boise Muffler can help you get back to your life. Mechanics will perform a thorough engine performance check and diagnostic and let you know what options you have. Our goal is to get you back on the road with peace of mind.

Engine Repairs

Boise Muffler has a full-service auto repair shop and maintenance facility. Our highly trained mechanics can handle car repairs as small as oil leaks to as complex as engine repairs. Engine replacements can also be done. In addition to our repairs, we offer free pickup and drop off service upon request.

Powertrain Platinum Award Additional Repair Services

Below are additional services we offer:


Boise Muffler Auto Repair is committed to our customer’s needs, providing thoughtful and thorough vehicle care and comprehensive value-based services aimed to keep you confidently on the road.


Taking care of cars by taking care of people.


Our job is maintaining your trust, and our recommendations are made with optimal value in mind.

We only offer the parts and services you need.

We keep our feet planted firmly in our community, building relationships and fostering both personal and educational growth.

We promote a collaborative, enthusiastic work environment, allowing our team to provide excellent automotive maintenance and repair.

Our team enjoys challenging projects and thinking out-of-the-box to meet your needs.

We provide a clean, safe and well equipped workspace, allowing each team member to learn and grow together with continuing education and a supportive learning network.

We focus on routine vehicle maintenance, allowing you to feel confident.

Our thorough diagnostics help us provide customers with comprehensive plans for their vehicles present and future needs—this adds more than value to our relationships – it promotes trust and peace of mind.

We always stand behind our service, offering an outstanding parts and labor warranty to extend your value.

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