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Second-generation auto repair shop offering expert automotive brake repair in Boise & the Treasure Valley area. Great workmanship, service & value.If you have ever had issues with your car’s brakes, you know how upsetting it can be. You always want to be able to count on your braking system and if it isn’t working properly, you can’t feel confident in your vehicle. Getting qualified brake and rotor service is crucial if you want your car to be safe.

What Are Some Common Issues We Find During a Brake Check?

Warped Rotors – Sometimes rotors can be warped from overheating, which can cause your steering to shake when you’re slowing down or driving downhill. There is no fix for this except to completely replace your rotors.

Uneven Wear – When the pads slide irregularly, it causes uneven wear on both the pads and the rotors. Uneven wear could lead to damaged calipers, rotors, and pads. Lubrication points are what help the pads slide evenly, so it is important to keep them lubricated.

Brake Light Is On – The brake warning light typically turns on when the fluid is low. Brake fluid gets low from a leak or worn brake pads.

Another reason for the brake light to be on is an issue with the emergency brake being stuck on, or the sensor is not working. This is caused by basic wear and tear. Unfortunately, there are not any preventative measures for this kind of wear, which is why it is important to have your brakes checked regularly!

Acidic Brake Fluid – Old brake fluid can become acidic, which will rot out your brake lines. This causes holes and leaks. When you have a leak in your brake line, it affects the whole system. If it is allowed to decay long enough, you will get a hole in your lines- and that’s scary! Don’t worry too much, though. It is very uncommon.

Professional Care for Every Issue

Whether you are having problems with your brake pads, rotors, fluid, or emergency brake, we can diagnose the problem and get it fixed. Even if you need a simple maintenance procedure like a fluid flush, we’ll make sure that it is done properly and safely. That’s why you can count on the security of your braking system every time you leave our shop.

How We Address Brake Issues

Warped Rotors – Sometimes warped rotors can be repaired by resurfacing them, but only if you catch it early enough. Usually though, it requires new rotors altogether.

Uneven Wear on Pads & Rotors – When there is uneven wear on the brake pads and/or rotors, there is not much you can do except replace it. That is why it’s important to make sure the pins and slides are lubricated.

Brake Light is On – Usually this is as simple as topping off your brake fluid. But sometimes it is an emergency brake issue. The emergency brake sensor might need to be replaced.

If the emergency brake is stuck on, it requires further diagnosis. A few things need to be checked such as the switch, the cable, the release, etc. Usually the faulty part is replaced.

Acidic Brake Fluid – A fluid exchange is done and fluid lines are checked to make sure there is no damage. If there is, it will need to be replaced.

At the end of the day, brakes are pretty straight forward. Replacement, lubrication, and resurfacing are the big things. If you’re having any issues with your brakes, it is extremely important to bring your car in for brake services. And remember, the general rule of thumb with mechanical issues is: the sooner, the better! Do not wait for the damage to become so severe that it becomes a large and expensive problem to fix.

Maintenance for Your Peace of Mind

If you want to keep your brakes in good condition, getting them looked over and maintained is essential. It is recommended that you get brake and rotor service at least once every six months for maximum protection. At Boise Muffler, we offer complete maintenance service and inspection so you can get it done and get back on the road.

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