Knowledgeable Automotive Radiator Service in Treasure Valley – Helping Your Car Keep Its Cool

Your car needs to regulate its temperature in order to keep it running efficiently and smoothly. If this is going to be done properly, your radiator needs to be in good condition. Getting excellent automotive radiator service is the best way to make sure this important part functions correctly for many years.

One of Your Car’s Most Important Components

High integrity, second-generation auto repair shop providing expert automotive radiator repair in the Treasure Valley area. Putting customers first by providing great service & value.The cooling system in your car is incredibly important. Keeping the engine at a reasonable temperature will help it run at its peak performance and give you better efficiency and reliability. At Boise Muffler, we provide full-service radiator work so you can be sure your vehicle stays cool.

How Coolant Maintains Engine Temperature

Coolant leaves the radiator and is sent through the engine by a water pump. As the coolant passes, it transfers and carries off the heat generated by the burning of fuel and combustion happening inside the engine. The coolant, now hot, returns to the radiator where it is cooled down again before being pumped back through the engine.

The location of radiators in cars is a strategic one. As you drive, air comes in through the grill and hits the radiator positioned behind it, where coolant is spread through rows of thin metal fins. This method quickly and efficiently cools the temperature of the hot coolant. In addition, a thermostatically controlled fan positioned behind the radiator turns on to draw air through. This happens when the car is not moving fast enough for air to move through the radiator on its own.

How Often Should You Get Coolant Service?

The easiest way to get your answer is to check your vehicle’s user manual. Every car is different. Depending on the type of car and how you use it, you may need a specific type of coolant. Various mixtures assist with high mileage, high or low temperatures, rust and corrosion, and more.

Often, radiator and cooling systems should be serviced every 50,000 miles. However, some manufacturers recommend every 10,000 miles, and some even say 100,000 miles. As you can see, the frequency varies wildly, which is why you should always check your vehicle’s manual and consult with your mechanic.

Other ways to tell if it is time for a change is to check it yourself. Watch for low fluid levels, changes in color, and debris in the coolant. Most coolants are yellow or green. If it were to turn reddish, it likely means that you have a rust build up. This is why it is important for you to know what color it was when it went in.

Total Protection

Best Automotive Radiator Repair in Treasure Valley | Boise MufflerA radiator that is in good condition will keep the whole car running smoothly. Getting regular coolant flushes and radiator service will protect the engine block, pistons, transmission, and in-cabin climate control. The team at Boise Muffler is experienced in all manner of radiator repair and service for every type of vehicle so you can be sure your powertrain will run effortlessly.

Crucial in All Weather

The radiator is not only important when the weather is hot, it also prevents freezing in sub-zero temperatures. The cooling system regulates the temperature in all kinds of weather and keeping it in good condition will protect you all year long. Bring your vehicle into Boise Muffler for automotive radiator service at least twice a year to ensure peak performance in all weather.

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